Alla Prima is a painting technique (in Italian at first attempt), in which wet paint is applied at a single sitting without any layers or glaze being added later.

Hi, my name is Torsten Wolber and I am a painter.

When I started to paint several years ago, I decided very quickly on the traditional but less extensively used Allaprima Technique. After 28 wonderfully creative years as an illustrator I wanted to discover more about the secrets of painting and learned how with this approach spontaneity together with intuition can create an unprecedented feeling of freedom when painting.

Podcast Interview

Please note: This Interview is only available in German

"Als eher introviertierte Person kommt Torsten Wolber sein erster Beruf als Illustrator sehr entgegen. Er arbeitet in einer großen Bandbreite an Stilen, wobei ihn die jeweils technischen Aspekte reizen, die er sich schon in seiner Jugend systematisch anzueignen begann. Die durch den Auftraggeber vorgegebenen Themen für die jeweiligen Illustrationen sieht er nicht als Einschränkung, sondern sieht sie als einen Rahmen, in dem er sich thematisch ausleben kann.

Mit dem Beginn der Stock-Archives in den USA, sowie der zunehmenden Digitalisierung des Illustratorin-Berufs, verändern sich die Arbeitsbedingungen aber in eine Richtung, die Torstens Workflow nicht mehr entspricht. Er beginnt seinem Beruf zu entwachsen - entdeckt in seiner Freizeit die faszinierende Freiheit in der Pleinair-Malerei. Ein besonderes Ereignis sorgt schließlich für den Sprung ins kalte Wasser."

Upcoming Workshop

Wales 2024

I´m so exited to announce my first Workshop in UK. From 26th to 30th of August i will be teaching portrait and figurative painting.

I will soon add a list of topics we will adress, in the meantime, please refer to the site of " A Studio in Provence" for more information

My Domestika Course

Explore contemporary oil painting, unleash your creativity, and draw expressive portraits with an innovative technique


Artistic vision is shaped by learned perspectives and filters that we're often not even aware of. For painter Torsten Wolber, this realization became the key to carving out his personal portraiture technique. He approaches his art with confidence, without waiting around for a concrete result. His oil paintings can be found in private collections and galleries, as well as in publications such as Der Spiegel and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

In this course, he teaches you a new method for painting shape-oriented portraits using a photograph as a reference. With Torsten as your guide, discover how to express yourself freely and confidently, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Go beyond your limits and express your authentic style to open doors in the artistic world!

My Instagram and latest paintings


Cologne Calendar 2024

This year, we have once again put together a calendar for Cologne and are delighted to finally be able to present it. This year in a new format that we really like (21x42cm)😊Again with painted pictures by  Renate Geiter and me and with photographs by Angela Graumann and Andreas Helweg .

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